Friday, February 22, 2013

A Prayer

My God, My God,

How I need You in this hour.

I am restless, needy, and dried up.

It is a dark, cold, and loneliest of night's.

I need You near, 

Side by side,

Hand in hand.


Can You speak to me?

Can I rest?

Can I lay my head upon Your bosom.

And have Your Mighty hand slowly, softly, stroke my hair?

And whisper, "I am near."

That everything will be okay.

"You have no cause, nor need, to fear.

You're not alone,

though often times it seems."

But gently,

"I am near
                I am near.

"Never to leave,

always to stay, close by your own side,

in the night, in the day."

My Jesus, I need You. 

I know I am thine own.

Come quickly, Lord

before I perish.

Or drown in this storm.

Come close, draw nigh.

to comfort and bring cheer.

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