Friday, February 28, 2014

Lead On, Kindly Light

lead, kindly light
amidst the gray and gloom
the night is long
and i'm far from home

 here in the dark
i dare not ask to see
the path ahead
one step enough for me
lead on, lead on, kindly light

i was not ever willing to be lead
i could have stayed 
but i ran instead
in spight of fear
i followed my pride
my eyes could see
but my heart was blind
lead, lead on, kindly light

and in the night
when i was afraid
your feet beside 
my own on the way

and each stumbling step
where other men have trod
shortens the road
leading home to my God
lead on, lead on, kindly light


  1. Emily dearest. I love these glimpses into life (how many of those details I remember!). Thanks for sharing that <3

  2. Ahh, Emily - beautiful words and pictures. Thank you for sharing!! As I mentioned before, I love all your posts, and always look forward to seeing, and reading more inspiring things you write. <3