Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let The Light In

Let the springtime enter, oh soul
Like the dawn of a brand new day

Let it wash away the winter of thy cold and darkened heart
Let the sun melt the sorrow of yesterday
Give thyself anew to thy Creator
Start afresh and turn the next page

Stop going over what has already been done
Learn thy lesson, child
and move on

Open up thy heart, 
and do not hide from the sun any more

Treasure each moment you've been given
The here, the now.

Thy sorrows have lasted the night
But joy always comes in the morning
Stop denying the fact that the sun is rising
For He is opening to thyself His loving heart

Arise, and shine,
for thy Light has come,
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon Thee

Be not afraid to open the window of thy soul
To let the spring breezes blow in and cleanse thee

Be not afraid to be made new.

Just as each year the flowers appear once more
after winter,
So too, thy heart has not died, only slept.

Give thyself to thy Maker, oh my soul
Be not afraid
For it is He that causes the sun to rise and set
The wind to blow and be still
The flower to thrive and fall off

Trust, my soul.
And do not be afraid to thrive.

Here dawns a new day.

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