Friday, March 11, 2016


The moments, days, weeks, months, life screams by me and I stand with a loss of words to write down. I'm always searching for ways to express my soul, grasping at quotes and lyrics and scriptures that glimpse of ways He whispers daily to me. It often blurs together and I look back and... it's already March? When did that happen?

Life as an adult is an interesting thing. It's full of surprises, but somehow I don't mind at all.
I love the gifts that years give back to you. It's definitely a give and take.

Time and years, they mature, heal, slow.
Even through the flying by.

I don't even know what I am trying to say here. But what I am trying to say is God is good, and I know that from first hand experience. Even if the years aren't turning into what we always thought or imagined they would look like, when I rest in giving my lives and future to God, whatever comes my way is a beautiful thing.

It doesn't always look beautiful in the moment - oh, ask me how I know this.
I've had my fair share of crappy days, headaches, and anger, and wanting to just let go because life really does stink sometimes.
But looking back... He's weaving a beautiful fabric of stories. Of stories that are alive, with feeling.
Flushes of love and excitement, and hearts that burn with anger and very real questions of why did this happen. Little joys, laughter, darkness and doubt, they're woven in too. True followers of Jesus don't hide their scars, they bring them to the light. Because by His stripes we are healed. His wounds, his bruises, the very real weight He carried on His shoulders as He hung on the cross.
The cross is the climax of the gospel, not something we should hide and shove under the rug.
The crosses in our lives are testimonies, are living breathes of moments that we can speak and share without shame and say, "See this? This is what God did through brokeness."

Years bring beauty.
Good, bad, joy, pain.
All combined, can I just say, it's a wonderful life.

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