Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday!

On January 17th was Elijah's 14th birthday. Wow. Can't really believe he's already 14!
I am SO blessed to have him as a brother. I have been so blessd to watch him walk with the Lord and grow in his relationship with Him. Love you Buddy! ;)

We had a fun day at the skate park(Although it was EXTREMELY cold), christian bookstore and a fun evening birthday party at home with the Coopers!


Even mom showed us some of her tricks! =)

Best Buds-Luke and Micah (playing  Angry Birds... who would've guessed??)

Dale... He was completely intrigued with something...

The Coopemeyer guys (all wearing their real personalities right now):
Will:"it's a picture, smile!"; Steven: same thoughts as Will; Ryan: Happy go always; Dave: still got a smile on... even if he is half squished; E.J: wanting to look good but completely weirded out by the touch of Joel; Joel: just being himself, really. Andrew: jumped into the picture at the last second. and... yeah. He's had too much ice cream...

Micah and Luke. Dressed up as matching basketball players.
And Seth beside Luke. =)

Vanessa... she's really tired. But i still think she's the cutest little girl, even when she is crying. =)

And there you have it. Happy Birthday Elijah!

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