Friday, January 27, 2012

Being made

I am like dough. Really.
As of right now, I don't know what I will turn out to be.
But I a have to be open to whatever the Maker does to me.
I am kneaded.

I am rolled.

I am prepared.

I am put under the fire. tested.

But what is the result?
Is all this to no purpose?
I know that Someone does it all.
But what for?
Maybe He's making something... something beautiful.
Something... I can't even imagine? Maybe that is why it feels hard sometimes.
There has to be the pain, the trials, the stretching and pulling to make something beautiful.
And through it all....
I can have a deep contentment. So deep, that, really, I could just leave everything up to the Maker.
I think He knows what He's doing.
I am just dough.
He has a purpose.
To make something beautiful.
A work of art...

Me? a work of art? Don't I think that that is worth it? I mean.... to actually BE a piece of art that God Himself made! Thats crazy..... wonder why I hadn't thought of it that way all along...
So what kind of dough will you be in His hands?

There are so many things my human mind could totally go crazy over.
But I have given it all to Him. The Maker.
I cannot change what I, a lump of dough, looks like.
I cannot change what my future may be. So why try to?
And the result of giving it to Him, trusting?
Not less work on me.
Not less pain.
Not less kneading and stretching.
But such a deep peace I cannot explain.
Such a joy, that, it's even still there when my "self" is joy-less.
Even when it looks messy.
Even when my life as a lump looks like a flop.
It's part of the process.
Reminds me of the Potter and the clay.
He builds. He shapes. But sometimes.... He has to tear down to make it even more beautiful.
So I can trust! He does have a plan, and I am being shaped.
And in the really hard times...
maybe, just maybe, it hurts more because He decided to change His mind and make me into something even more beautiful. Maybe like a dessert pizza instead.....

It sounds odd...
But really, this is real life. This is living in tune with His Spirit. No matter whats happening. I want it always. I thirst. So I.....

And yet I...

So I trust.

"Wherever you are, be there all the way."


  1. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing<3

  2. Oh I love this! So thankful for this truth, and I like the analogy you used! (and the dessert pizza part was a nice touch ;) )

  3. I got really blessed by this post Emily! Thank you, its an encouraging truth. God bless you sister! <3

  4. This was just lovely.
    Surrender and trust never looked so good.

    Reminds me of the David Crowder song that says, "You make everything glorious, and I am Yours . . . so what does that make me?" Indeed, from glory to glory!