Friday, November 2, 2012

There is a more excellent way.
There is a way that leads to life and peace.
And it is possible to love life and see good days.
Oh that man would stop his strivings, stop his vain wanderings
and searching for things that will vanish in a mere breath.
There is so much more.
There is rest and peace and joy abounding, unhindered, everasting.
That man would see that his ways are evil.
That he would not participate in the unfruiful deeds done in darkness.
And come to the Light.
That we would humble ourselves and pray,
confess that we need Him.
There is no other life apart from Him.
Anything in this world that offers peace is counterfeit.
Anything in this world that offers joy is passing.
And all that will ever stand the test of time is Christ alone.
Why waste our time on worthless fools gold?
Why quarrel over stupid things that are passing?
God is sovereign and His ways are just.
And in His way is life and peace more abundantly.
We don't have to go full circle to find Him.
We don't have to waste our whole lives and find out He was waiting
with open arms all along.
We don't have to rack our brains searcing for the mysterious truth.
It's here.
Waiting for us.
Like an undiscovered treasure chest full of gold just waiting to be received.
And this is the purpose that we live.
To live in all that He has given.
So go open up the Word.
Open up your heart.
And drink deeply.
This Well won't run dry.
Because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.
Not in empty things this world has to offer.
So thanks be to our God. 
May He receive all glory forever.

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