Friday, June 7, 2013

Headed to Africa

7 days. I can hardly believe it.
In 7 days I get on a plane to Uganda Africa. 
In 8 days I step out on Ugandan soil.
How I've missed it. 
And praise God, He's leading me back!

Many friends and family have asked me what I will be doing there.
Here is an account of last years trip,
that is, most likely, very similar to what we will be doing again this year.

We get into Uganda on a Saturday night, find all of our luggage 
(or as much as can be found that night),
load it and ourselves up in 3-4 vans,
and begin the 2 hour trek to Kampala (capital city of Uganda).
We then arrive at Namirembe Guest House and
 just about crash into bed if it's not for all the excitement of being here.

(Always very thankful for our lovely canopies. aka; mosquito nets)

(one of the bathrooms. shower on the left - toilet on the right)

After a good night of much needed rest,
We get up for a wonderful breakfast.

We then go to Watoto Church for the Sunday service.
What an awesome experience. I just love going here!
A large, open, concrete building, packed full of around 700 Ugandans 
all singing their hearts out, clapping , and dancing for Jesus!

(Note: this is one of the churches that the Watoto Children's Choir is from.)

(back to the Guest House for lunch) 

We then take a tour in the afternoon of the Mengo Hospital grounds
(Where we will be working at the next few days)

(the children's ward)

(the chapel)

(siblings of a patient)

So this is how we start our wonderful week at Mengo.
We spend the next few days praying for patients, handing out care packages, 
giving medical lectures to the students and nurses, caring for babies at Sanyu babies home,
and ministering in any way that the Lord calls us to.
Here are a mix of pictures from each day...

(some of the guys repainted the floors in the children's ward)

(view of Kampala from Namirembe Guest House)

(Andrew and two of the doctors and directors at Mengo) 

(on Wednesday evening we have a Celebrating Hearts dinner/party for the graduating nurses at Mengo)

 (complete with traditional dancing!)

(Dad and Brent) 

 Spending time at Sanyu Babies Home is one of my favorite things throughout the whole trip.
Here they have around 40 orphans under the age of 4.
We get to go and help bathe and dress them, do laundry, and help in any other ways needed.
Having a dozen babies and children crawling over you, holding your hand, and calling you mama all
at once is the best feeling in the world.
And I can hardly wait to get back.

(To read Beatrice's story, visit here)

(And we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Emma!) 

After staying in Kampala and working at Mengo Hospital for 5-7 days,
we then head 8 hours south to Rukingiri,
Where we visit a few rural churches and schools.

The rest of our days are full of singing with lots of kids,
painting school walls, face painting, playing games, etc.
Just loving on people. Which I love doing! 

And there you have it! 
You can keep up with my next journey over Facebook or Instagram.
I will try to keep the updates often, depending on internet.

Please pray for us!
Thank you for all your prayers and support.
It means so much.

It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.
-Mother Teresa-
If you realize that absolutely everything in this temporal sphere is dust and rot, then you will begin to have a zeal for God.  And when you have a zeal for God, you’ll have a zeal for missions.  
-Paul Washer-


  1. I loved every bit of this!
    AAH, one week, my friend!
    Go love on those people,
    those dear orphans,
    that beautiful country.
    And the God of love will be with you!

    (I'll be looking very much forward to follow you on fb and instagram. Thank goodness my exam is over just after you are leaving!)

  2. Loved seeing these pictures again! So excited for you. We will be praying! In His Hope, Dina

  3. I'm so excited for you!! Beautiful pictures - I guess your trip will be as amazing as the last one :D Still looking forward to your updates!