Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Uganda, I miss you.

So... once again, I'm the guilty one.
But after already receiving the title of procrastinator, and realizing that being a procrastinator at some areas of life really isn't so bad.... I'm not so ashamed.
Life has been a crazy whirlwind this summer, 
and I have put this blog, as well as some others things, 
on the back burner for a while.

We got back from Uganda, Africa June 25.
And oh... the time has passed so quickly since getting back.
It was amazing, wonderful, encouraging, inspiring, enlightening, and incredible all at the same time.

So many ways to describe, but I still can't fully find the words.

How do I make someone understand?
The only way you'll know fully know what it's like is to...

Since going there last year I have eagerly waited to go back.
And it was like reliving my favorite dream.

Being reunited with friends I had made.
 Seeing the babies as they had gotten older, learned to walk.
Meeting new children who had come to the babies home, 
and rejoicing that some I met last year had finally found a home.
(Especially the ones who found there home in the arms of Jesus)
Dancing to the African drums in praise to Jesus like no one was watching...
the list goes on.

So many things I am thankful for.
And so many times I have cried because I just want to go back.
Something about just being there shows me the reason I love it all.
The smells, the dirt, the poverty even.
The smiles I find in the midst materialistic nothingness.
The gladness.

(a few Journal excerpts)

"I had almost forgotten how dear it all was to my heart.
I will miss each and every one of those precious children more then I can explain.
God has put such a love in my heart for them."

"...hundreds of Ugandan children raising up holy hands and praise to God."

"It has been a test for me being back... (in the USA)
Why does everything in me want to return (to Uganda)? 
I miss the dirt,

 the children,

the poverty, the food,

 the smog over the city,

 the sunrises,

 the flowers, the grass,

the people.
Oh how how I miss my country."

The statement really is true that, 
"home is where the heart is"

One of the best parts of the trip was when we were headed to the airport to go home,
we stopped at Cherish Uganda and met Rachel and saw the ministry happening there.

Wow. Such an incredible story! 
(Go see who they are here)

They are a home for HIV positive children 
who have been abandoned and brought here as their last hope.

"Be strong, and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord!" {Psalm 31:24}

So there you have it...
Just a small glimpse of what it was like.
Just a taste of whats been whirling around in my head.
(therefore the reason it all might not make much sense.)

I just *might* write some more soon about it all. 
And share some more pictures.
And if I finish the slideshow I have been working on,
 I will post it on here.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support! 
I was so blessed by YOU!


  1. Oh Emily, your heart is so beautiful!!!! Makes me want to soak up all that Love with you. And the precious people you were able to connect with. Wow, I'm so glad you get to carry these memories and people in your heart no matter where you are. I love you friend.

  2. This is so beautiful, Emily.
    To see your heart for the children and people of Uganda.
    To feel with you in the ache and the missing.
    To get a glimpse into the adventure.

    And I know. There's no way anyone can understand until they just go themselves. But I am thankful I got to peek into your heart this way :)

  3. Ah, this is amazing. I really enjoyed the reading. I love Africa, so I get why you miss it so much.

    And I say yes please to more pictures :D

  4. Aww Emily, these children are absolutely adorable!! I wish I could give them all a hug=) Great photography too!! Blessings, tabea