Monday, February 13, 2012

Florida Trip

Kinda feels like I have a lot to catch up on....
Life has been crazy of the late.

this here will be a picture splurge of our wonderfully awesome trip to Florida a week ago.
We had a wonderful time. Even though we only spent 3 days down there, we stuffed in as much to do as we possibly could! Then each evening was the mission's conference. That was definitely the highlight of it all. 

Thursday... (traveling until 2am)

Friday.... (Traveling the last 10 hrs. to Florida! Yeah!)

 we couldn't start the day without this of course

Yes, it was a very small car...

And yes,  they fought over the arm rest


(btw, i really recommend this book)

 (for Andrew)

My first view of Florida! (I asked dad if they were natural palm trees, just growing right there... and he laughed at me....:))

 Almost there!

 He is a great driver... really...

Madi!! Oh how i missed her! :)


 Naomi had a soccer game in the morning

Then Spencer and Tara took us all to St. Petersburg for the day!

 We ate at Taco Bus for supper...

 hello Spencer. (yep. that's him.)


Sunday..... (Church with friends. Then Spencer, Tara, and Jessica took us to lunch at
Five Guys, then to the beach! Last Conference session in the evening )

Monday.... (drive home)

So there you have it... (for now)
Sorry for all the pictures :)
 You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." amen.


  1. Oh, I loved the pictures! Looked amazing, and its really beautiful there, must I say :)