Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stay alert; It's a war...

Probably the number one reason why prayer malfunctions in the hands of
believers is that we try to turn a wartime walkie-talkie into a domestic
intercom. Until you know that life is war you cannot know what prayer is
for. Prayer is for the accomplishment of a wartime mission...But what
have millions of Christians done? We have stopped believing that we are
in a war. No urgency, no watching, no vigilance. No strategic planning.
Just easy peace and prosperity. And what did we do with the walkie
talkie? We tried to rig it up as an intercom in our houses and cabins
and boats and car - not to call in fire power for conflict with a moral
enemy, but to ask for more comforts in the den. ~John Piper - Let the Nations be Glad

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  1. Thank you for sharing! So much truth in this...