Friday, March 8, 2013

Missouri to Colorado...

So I realize that i have not posted in a while, and should probably do so.
As some of you know, we are on a {long} road trip to visit Madison and Joel in their new home in B.C. Canada. We finally arrived here in Canada Wednesday afternoon, 
after leaving our home in MO last Thursday. 
We have had such a wonderful trip so far! From visiting friends in Colorado, attending a conference in Colorado, staying at hotels, driving through the Rocky Mountains and quite a few states, Seeing dear old friends in Washington, etc... to *finally* getting to our destination at last and visiting our beloved dear sister and brother-in-law. The Lord is so good.

Here are just a few of our pictures of our trip up to Colorado and travelingness...

(What riding in our van looks like)

("Are we there yet??")

(The first night in CO was spent in a hotel room. The kids were thrilled about the indoor swimming pool!)

(River of Life Christian Fellowship! Our second home.)


(Reece & Lisa's beautiful home in Loveland. 
We were blessed to stay with them for our remaining time in CO)

(fun in the snow!)

(The cutest baby ever. Vienna, Santosh and Meghan's third child)

(Special time of worship on Sunday morning led by these sweet children)

(Getting ready to continue the trip northwest!
We stayed in Colorado three days for the conference, before heading to Washington, and finally, B.C.)


(Good morning from Salt Lake City, Utah!)


  1. I love that you keep this, words and so much love here. What an adventure!

  2. This is awesome! You know I like it ;)

  3. Oh, seems like you're having a good time! Must be fun driving all the way to Canada with the whole family - I like trips like that. And your family is really beautiful! May God bless your trip back home :)

  4. Keep the pictures coming, Emily! It's so fun seeing them!