Monday, March 18, 2013

More Washington-ness...

My parents lived in Washington about 20 years ago for about a year.
And when they were living here, this man played his piano at PP Market everyday.
They bought his CD and we listened to it growing up (beautiful piano music)
We saw him 20 years later as our whole family walked by.
Seemed pretty cool to me!

(My dear youngest brother, Micah)

(In front of the original Starbucks Coffee)

(taking the time to walk through and visit the park and water front that my mom took my older sister and  brother to, when they were just little kids. My, how the time flies.

(Micah and Mary-Louise)

(Dad, Elisabeth, and Elijah)

(someone decided to photobomb...)


  1. Awesomeness! I loved that story about the piano man, how fun :)

  2. Wonderful pictures, Emily! I really enjoy your updates :D

  3. Nice pictures! :)