Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So i finally am making my way up to BC, Canada in pictures.
Today we have been here exactly two weeks.
We are planning on leaving tomorrow morning.
The last two weeks have just flown by. 
It's hard to believe the time has come already to leave and say goodbye.
We already look forward to next time.
But before i get ahead of myself,
Here you go...

(From Wednesday-Sunday the first week)

(M & J's house)

(M & J's house)


(it's cold here!)

(Supper at Tim & Whitney's the second night in BC!)

(Tim and Whitney's)

(Fun at the park with Madi!) 

Loving this special time with big sis!

Oh, how beautiful it is!

(Madi & Timmy)

Madison & Joel 
(We love when we ride all together as a family)

(fun Saturday playing at the park with friends at
 the fellowship)

Supper at Gord and Robbie Holloway's!

(The two mothers)

(Whitney and I)

(The reception for friends and family in BC on Sunday)

(All the kids loved the candy table!)

(Me and Timmy Penner)

Laurel and Timmy Penner - I love these two very much!

(Lots of new friends!)

(Quiet evening at our second home)


  1. These are great pictures, Emily. You really captured it, and it is almost like we were there with you. THANKS so much for posting these. We will be glad, when you all come back home!:)

  2. Sweet, Em! I love all the pictures you took, captured the moments:) That one of your Mom and Dad by the ocean is so beautiful! And oh, the one of you and little Timmy at the reception too :D You are beautiful!

    Safe trip today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Such great photos!
    I totally love the one of the sailboat. I adore sailboats. And the ocean. And anything about sailboats or the ocean. Teehee. >.<
    Great post!